Sodium University 3.0 Ticket

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Where: Sodium Fishing Gear, Crystal River Florida
When: December 3rd, 2022
Time: 9am-2pm

When we say "learn what the pros know"... that's what Sodium Fishing Schools are all about for our students! Fast paced, informative and easy to convert to catching fish on your next trip to the water. This "Flats Class 3.0 Module" will be a chapter driven interactive class with 25 year professional guide and television host, Capt. C.A. Richardson. He's going to breakdown the following topics for students in an easy to understand "Power Point" and lecture format in his signature style of teaching. It's a classroom experience you don't want to miss at a price you can afford!

Course Outline

* Top Water Hacks
* Pro Tackle Organization
* Pre-Trip Planning for Dummies
* Breaking Down Fishing Line/Braid Options
* Rod to Lure Balance
* Soft Bait Superiority, Elaztech
* Honey Hole Equation Solved
* Casting Strategies that Enhance Presentation
* Give Your Lures More Action
* NED Rigs for Inshore Species
* Bait Casters versus Spinners
* Spoons... are Underrated
* Reading the Flats
* Fish Fighting Tactics 101
* Budget Gear versus Expensive Gear
* Knots to Know
* 8 Light Tackle Rigging Techniques & Hacks
* Approaching the Zone
* Swim Baits... Close the Deal
* See More Fish Before They See You
* Popping Corks for Steady Action
* Suspending Hard Baits... Why, When and Where
* Push Poling versus Trolling Motors
* Protecting the Resource for the Future
* True or False, Rapid Fire Factoids

We will have a raffle with some premium prizes at the end of class. Plus, students will receive a nice discount coupon/code for Sodium Fishing Gear retail store that will save you some money on your purchases after class!