Duct Tape & Shovels 17MR

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I've been wanting to come up with a great silhouette color for my fans that enjoy night-time fishing around the flats and residential docks. Well here it is the "Duct Tape & Shovels" color guaranteed to bury the competition. If you are a fan of the Purple Demon or Cajun Chew colors, this will be a nice compliment to them in your tackle bag. The DTS color also will excel in muddy or turbid conditions where a dark silhouette bait helps gamefish locate the lure!

The 17MR DTS will no doubt be the size for Speckled Trout after hours on the flats and in the dock lights. And don't be surprised by the number of Snook that will bust this lure on bright moons and on the edges of the dock lights!