Capt C.A Titusville School Ticket

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Spring/Summer Snook School

It's that time of year where I roll out some of our popular fishing classes. And my second school is March 16th 2019 in Titusville Florida, The event will be held at the Hells Bay Boatworks Head Quarters.

* Snook Anatomy & Biology 
* Seasonal Tendencies 
* Best Gear For Snook Fishing 
* Best Profiles & Colors When Targeting Snook 
* Snook Fighting Tips 
* How To Target Big Snook 
* Retrieve Disciplines 
* Snook Behavior Based Off Tide 
In addition to all the fishing instruction you'll receive a laminated Capt. C.A. "Quick Reference Guide" that you can keep on your boat or kayak; along with lure samples from our partners at Mirrolure, Zman and Aqua Dream a great value. A nice lunch is also going to be included with the class tuition of only $89!
We will be having giveaway items from Yeti, Falcon, Reef&Ledge, Hells Bay, and C.A Branded Products. Will also have some cool gear and custom baits for sale at the event!