Beastie Bugg- Nights Watch 1/4oz

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The Beastie Bugg is a realistic crab imitation and our best-selling jig for our customers who sight-cast redfish. It’s tied on the Buggs Redfish Jig Head so it lands softly, hooks point up, and sinks slowly. Early on we had lots of customers who removed the grub from their Curl-Tail Jigs and sight casted redfish. They were looking to imitate a crab, one of a redfish’s favorite foods. When I learned this I decided to design the most effective crab I could, with claws and rubber legs. It would have to have lots of action in the water, even when it was just sitting on the bottom. It was a hit from the very beginning! When sight casting redfish, cast this Bugg near the fish and let it settle to the bottom. Let it sit there, or twitch your rod tip slightly so it scoots along the bottom. Then hang on! Flounder, speckled trout, and largemouth have been sight casted with this Bugg. Ideal for fishing potholes and beds.