1/6oz. Ned Bugg - New Penny

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The saltwater manifestation of the ultra-effective Ned Rigs are finally here!  Testing of these new Ned Buggs started over a year ago, and the results were 100% positive.  We’re super excited to get them into your hands because we know they’ll help you catch fish!  This first set of Ned Buggs imitate the shrimp and crabs inshore saltwater species love to eat.  We worked with Captain C.A. Richardson of Flats Class University on the colors and design, and he’s just as excited as we are.  They come in two sizes: 1/4 oz. and the lighter 1/6 oz.  Both land softly and get down to the bottom.  Once there they stand straight up and look alive!  They’re tied on custom Ned Bugg jig heads and feature Owner hooks.  They’re sharp right out of the package, and everything we fish for will eat these new Buggs!