C.A. Sampler Pack

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I decided to offer my fans a bundle that targets most inshore species for a great price! This is a limited summer special, less than 20 bundles are available at the moment. So don't miss this opportunity.

Here's what's included: Redfish love the new Mountain Dew Spoon and Swimming Trout Trick in the Dude color. While Snook & Specks slurp up the Little Wayne, Bloody Mary Sunday, Cotton Candy & Low Country Boil Mirrolures! I'm also going to include my new branded Sun Buff from Reef + Ledge in the bundle. What a deal...

  • 1 1/4oz. Mountain Dew Spoon
  • Reef Ledge Buff Custom C.A. Buff
  • 1 The Dude Swimmin' TroutTrick 
  • 1 Little Wayne 17MR
  • 1 Bloody Mary 27XL
  • 1 Low Country Boil Top Dog Jr
  • 1 Cotton Candy Poppa Mullet
Usually $71.99 special offer $59.99