Over the years I've been a part of quite a few organizations but none more gratifying than Captains for Clean Water. Florida has seen a significant decline in water quality due to land misuse and complex issues with water pollution. These problems have ravaged not only the Florida Everglades but areas surrounding the Caloosahatchee & St. Lucie River regions. And there are other areas in Florida suffering from water quality complications in regards to serious concerns with septic seepage and stormwater run-off.  
These problems affecting the water started decades ago and now have reached a point where the citizens of Florida are feeling the impacts. Declining property values and tourism numbers, even public health has been an issue. Negative national, regional and local news publicity has created pressure on elected officials to find a solution. And then there's social media, making politicians realize that angry business and home owners are venting their frustrations at the ballot box! 
In the midst of this crisis one group has stood out, Captains for Clean Water.  In just three short years they have become a difference maker and been instrumental in making change a reality. The efforts of two southwest Florida fishing guides, Capt. Chris Wittman & Capt. Daniel Andrews, started a movement that has inspired thousands of Floridians to join the ranks of their non-profit organization. The organization has literally been at the tip of heir the spear in the fight to send water south to restore the flow to Everglades National Park. And will battle stormwater run-off pollution in the coming years which is a huge issue in Florida and exasperates Red Tide events.
This past week the annual RESTORE event was held in Fort Myers, Florida... its a significant fund raising event for Captains for Clean Water. But even more importantly it's an opportunity for concerned citizens to express themselves and share their worries about water quality issues where they live. It's truly a spiritual evening that moves people to get more involved. I personally host this event and it's always a great feeling when we end the evening with so many attendees motivated to spread the word. 
If I can ask one thing from all of you who read this blog, please consider joining Captains for Clean Water ( and become one of us!