Boat Show Season Hits Miami Beach

Likely one of the largest international boat shows you'll ever want to attend takes place every February... it's the Miami International Boat Show. It's a massive marine exhibition of about every vessel you can imagine. And the crowds & traffic on Miami Beach are crazy for someone who lives in a slower paced community. You have to want to be there and bring some patience for your fellow man!


I personally have to be there to support my partners who support the show. So you'll see me at Miami Boat Show floating between Raymarine, Hell's Bay Boatworks and Evinrude displays. I like to use these shows as a way to educate Flats Class fans about the products we utilize on the show. Plus it's nice to meet some of the fans and loyal viewers of the show. 


Evinrude is going to have me running the 300HP G2 Etec which is on the transom of the new Hell's Bay Estero and will be on Pier 1 at the boat show. Please come on by for a test drive or to get a lesson on the amenities that the HB Estero can provide the serious angler. 


The Miami Boat Show also provides me the opportunity to catch up with some of my fellow south Florida guide buddies... Captains Joe Gonzalez, Benny Blanco, Carl Ball just to name a few! Lots of cutting up and practical jokes in those circles but we always seem to find ourselves eating some great Cuban food before it all wraps up.


And there is all the social media and YouTube work that has to be done. It seems that I can't produce enough content, doing videos, tweeting and taking Instagram pictures... even a podcast still not enough. But it's all part of the job and I'm realizing the ability to connect to the audience daily is an important aspect of my job!


What I'm really telling you is if you don't want to travel down to Miami this weekend. Don't sweat it. I'll be there for you, reporting hourly with the "blow by blow" action... you won't miss a thing!


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