Fishing With Flip

Going Back to School

Beginning this Fall, Flats Class is going to launch online classes on YouTube for zero cost to our subscribers. The classes will be the most comprehensive of their kind and professionally produced. Courses will include inshore species, geographic regions, and equipment/product “know how”. It’s really a no brainer for fishing enthusiasts who love inshore and backcountry fishing to enroll in these online classes to sharpen their game under the tutelage of Flats Class!

From the very inception of Flats Class back in 2002, Flats Class has been a fishing education entity. I’ve been doing “Live” Classes for nearly 20 years and taught thousands of participating students the nuances of shallow water fishing along the way. But now is the time to create a platform and curriculum that can benefit tens of thousands of anglers 24/7/365 by going online through YouTube. And again, I’m not charging the students a dime to enroll… just watch, learn
and improve your game.

Why am I doing this now? I simply want to share the benefit of my experience and fishing knowledge that I have accrued over 30 years of fishing areas from Texas to the Carolinas with all of you. I’m finding more and more anglers would rather watch & learn through their phones and tablets than television! So that’s why I’m changing course to satisfy the need of my loyal fans.

Don’t worry… I’m still going to bring my “Live” Classes to four or five venues every year for those who want a unique experience, classroom style; Plus, there’s the great tackle giveaway, reference cards, and valued door prizes from my partners. My online version is going to be more of a convenient learning path where I can offer various specialty courses. Especially for Flats
Class fans that are too far away to attend the “Live” Class events or have hectic schedules and would rather watch on demand.

Now what I need from all of you is to message or email me your preferences for courses. I already know you want the following: Redfish Class or Speckled Trout School, likely a Tarpon Course… but what else? These classes will start appearing in October 2019! So why not beat the crowds and subscribe right now for our weekly informative fishing tips on FlatsClass/YouTube
or visit my website for more info as we release teasers for this new online endeavor!